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Paypal Payment Option
KAMvoices has added another convenient payment option for you folks out there who prefer to make payment via Paypal account or credit card.

Surcharge does apply in accordance with Paypal's transaction fees but if you would like to take up this option, please let us know and we can easily arrange it!
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Not only does she bring the microphone to life on a voiceover lever, but Jasmyn is also an excellent musician/singer/songwriter. Starting with the violin- which over the many years of practice she was able to qualify at grade 8 level; Jasmyn progressed to teach herself the guitar, to accompany her singing- which was the beginning of her growing interest in Song Writing and performing. Writing songs about events and emotionally relevant events that engulf her everyday life; Jasmyn has begun starting to play gigs, and her first solo gig performing Originals was received with much delight!
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