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KAMvoices has added another convenient payment option for you folks out there who prefer to make payment via Paypal account or credit card.

Surcharge does apply in accordance with Paypal's transaction fees but if you would like to take up this option, please let us know and we can easily arrange it!
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Jane is an experienced voice over artist and has been treading the boards in various theatres around Brissie for years! Aside from her love of all things theatrical, Jane enjoys such past times as bad karaoke, reading anything history related, and a unique form of dancing which has been described by various friends as 'the flail'. Jane grew up in country QLD on a farm and as a result is a pretty darn good horse rider! Fond memories of her childhood include sharing her stroller with the family pet pig and blue heeler dog while on family walks.
Jane is very excited to appear in The Shift Theatre Company production of 'The Girls in Grey' which will be touring Melbourne and regional Victoria in April.
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